Apps Development/Software Integration


Medmeaw is uploaded with the verified User’s data and contents with the consent of the User. Data is processed based on some algorithms to give best information.
User is able to share results displayed on various social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.


  • • Educational Virtual Reality Game to aid Austistic children of various bands with their mental development and coordination.
  • • Chess game for primary school children was design and developed

We are experienced in developing secure, safe and data encrypted financial and e- commerce applications such as: digital wallet app, secure banking app, investment mobile apps, insurance apps and lots more.

Our security apps are built to protect your devices against information theft and data backup. We include alerts to find your stolen Smartphone. Our mobile apps and software are highly encrypted against hackers, with secure network connections on the backend.

Our forward looking mobile health apps work conveniently in smartphone devices.  It includes features such as a signal that indicates if something goes wrong, tracked state of health and remote links to medical history by medical practitioners. We design and develop mobile health apps in the following categories:

–         Chronic care management apps: for managing blood pressure, diabetes, mental health, and other illnesses.

–         Medical apps: including diagnostic apps, health awareness apps, medical alerts and reference apps for patients and medical practitioners.

–         Healthcare and fitness apps: including nutrition apps, health-tracking, fitness and weight loss apps.

–         Women’s health apps: including pregnancy, fertility, breastfeeding  and other related apps.

–         Medication management apps: includes apps that keep track of  medication intake to improve patient compliancy.

–         Patient’s personal health record apps: for storage of data on medical conditions and allergies to share their doctors.

We provide a platform for apprenticeship training for young school leavers, students and graduates thereby creating employment, experience and enabling young people to get the mix of globally recognized technical and professional skills required by the industry.
Our software development and programming language training includes the following:

• Android Mobile Application Development
• Java Programming
• JavaScript (Node.JS, Angular.JS, etc.)
• PHP, HTML5 and CSS3
• Python programming
• C++
• Database Management System, etc.